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Pietra Grezza SoundAltieri
00:00 / 04:11

performance and voice: Lena Kilina

live sound: Eugenio Altieri

visuals and light design: Vasily Betin

MUA: Kiki

How Art Museum, Shanghai 2019

|Pietra Grezza| is the site-specific experiment in a form of a live audio-visual installation performed with electronic instruments and vocal textures. Performance created a pattern of fragmentary compositions of sound figures, each of them remains as a sound sculpture within Quayola’s Sculpture Factory. Using sound poetry as the connecting element to the sculptures, the artist let body speak through the expansive use of sound and conveys the fluidity of gender as a constantly changing, multivocal denotation. In this way, audio component becomes the sculpture's own space-sound existence as a poet-artist herself.

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