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01 SayokoAltieri
00:00 / 06:20
02 OnibakuAltieri
00:00 / 07:20
03 UenoAltieri
00:00 / 08:11
SlowMotio_Altieri - EDO_Album-Cover_0803
04 GlaxAltieri
00:00 / 07:42
SlowMotio_Altieri - EDO_Album-Cover_0803

Edo is a personal view over the modern Asia, Japan in this case. Inspired by the street sounds and bugged out day to day world of Tokyo his debut EP is four tracks of slippery head music. Chiseled from the deep seams of an intergalactic mine and informed by the dark heart of house and no wave disco this is club music from the oily underbelly.

nice EP review from junorecords

Slow Motion present a brand new Italian artist Altieri. Based in the far east (currently Shanghai but he's worked as a designer across Japan too), his weighted analogue sounds are steeped in eastern influences from subtle found street sounds to all-out musical phrases. The arrangement of the EP has been carefully considered as we ignite with the slow-burning dubby inflections of "Sayoko" and the Nordic style creeps and bleeps of "Onibaku" to Black Strobe levels of rave subversion of "Ueno" and Bodzin-at-half-speed starlit tech of "Glax". A highly accomplished debut EP.

Edo Tokyo.jpg
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