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Client: Panasonic


UX/UI: feat Nathan Gao 

Design Direction: Ming Labs

Panasonic’s nanoe™ Technology is a revolutionary air purification system, it deodorizes, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, and viruses, and is effective in dust removal for a fresher, cleaner indoor environment, keeping living space fresh and clean. Panasonic created and designed a home system, based on nanoe™ technology, to control the quality of air at home and also the remote.

Our role in this project was to design the user interface of the controlling app for the Chinese market. Ming Labs first had a user research phase based on clients’ data and interviews with the local users to create personas and develop the User Experience part with the final User flow diagram and the high-fidelity wireframe. 


Sound UI: Eugenio Altieri

Based on the user flow and the study of user needs we study all the navigation and the touch points to implement the User Interface. We analyze all the possible scenarios to create the most suitable experience. In particular, we highlight the importance of sonic feedback to empower the flexibility of the system and to be able to control the system remotely.

Component 1 – 1_2x.png
Component 2 – 1_2x.png
Component 3 – 1_2x.png
Component 4 – 1_2x.png
Component 5 – 1_2x.png
Component 6 – 1_2x.png
Component 7 – 1_2x.png
General Tap

UI Sound Design 

Device ON
Device OFF
Console Center ON
Console Center OFF
Change Status
click on the icons
Nanoe ON
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